What do I do if I have an after hours urge or emergency situation?

If you have a life threatening emergency, please dial 911, or proceed to your nearest Emergency Room. PACT Atlanta, LLC has a contact line for urgent after hours calls. This may be reached by dialing the main office number, (404) 292-3810 and following the prompts. Your call will be assessed by a member of our team and will be routed to the appropriate provider that is on-call at the time, or you may be advised to visit your local emergency room. You may also be contacted by our staff and asked to schedule an appointment for the next business day. This line is ONLY for URGENT calls. Appointment requests and prescription refills are NOT considered emergencies and are expected to be handled during normal business hours only.


If you have forms that need to be completed, we request that these be done during office visits only. Please make an appointment with your specified provider and we will gladly assist. There may be additional fees to complete the forms if the provider deems they need to be completed outside your scheduled office visit.

Records Request

If you are coming to us from another practice or if you would like us to send a copy of your records to your Primary Care Physician (PCP), please sign the “Release of Information” from under the “forms” tab at the top of this page, so that we may obtain your records prior to your next appointment. This will ensure continuity of care. It is our general office policy NOT to release medical records to the client. However, we will release your records to another physician, provider, attorney or agency so they can be reviewed under supervision, if you so desire.

What should I understand about your financial policies?

PACT Atlanta, LLC and our providers participate on most insurance panels. We also offer a reduced private pay rate. This rate varies based on the services provided. At your first office visit, you are required to provide your insurance card and we will verify coverage and obtain prior authorization, if it is required. You will be notified by telephone, mail or e-mail, depending on the requested contact information you provide on the attached pages, if there is a problem with your account, coverage or a particular claim. Please note, verification of coverage is not a guarantee of benefits and claims processing is based on your coverage limitations and exclusions at the time of service, which is determined by your insurance company. If you have insurance, please remember that we are bound by the type of plan that you have. PACT Atlanta, LLC does not determine your co-payment, co-insurance or deductible responsibility. Some insurance companies require prior authorization for medications. This requires a significant amount of non-office visit time to complete the required forms and make the required phone calls to insurance companies. As such, there is a $10 charge for medication prior authorizations. If your insurance company requires such a prior authorization, you will be notified of this prior to completion and the charge that may be accrued to your account. Any check that is returned by our bank for insufficient funds will result in a $29 fee. Any client who has a returned check may also be required to pay in cash for all future payments.

What is PACT ATLANTA, LLC’s policy concerning HIPAA and Health Information Privacy?

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